What’s involved in the program?

It’s basically a strength building program. You will also do some cardio work, like walking on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike. We help you all the way. We end the session with 15 minutes of stretching and balance work. It’s a complete program to help you get stronger.

The program is twice a week for 12 weeks. Each session is one hour & 15 minutes.
We have at least two certified fitness trainers, who are also trained in cancer supportive care.
We keep the groups small, always under 15, so we can work with you individually.

How do I know if I’m strong enough?

We work with you exactly where you are. You don’t have to be at any level of fitness or strength to be in the program. We usually have a big range of fitness levels and that’s what the program is all about – working with you at whatever level you’re at.

What kind of feedback do you get about the program?

More than 1700 people have come through the program. Everyone has reported they’ve gotten stronger, no matter what level they were when they started, and practically everyone has reported that they feel less fatigue and more vitality by the end of the program.

What do I need to do for the first day?

The first day is an orientation day. Just wear your regular clothes, as we won’t be exercising that day. You don’t need to bring anything. Please come to front desk of the Y and someone will tell you where to go. We’ll get acquainted, answer questions, set some goals, and you’ll be filling out a few forms.

What kind of commitment do I need to make?

We’d like you to commit to being there most every time, except, of course, for emergencies. It only works if you’re there, and even though it’s not a support group, participants become very supportive of each other and showing up for each other is a big part of the support.

Will I be a member of the Y?

You will have membership in the Y where you are taking the program for the full 12 weeks of the program and you can come in and use all their facilities at other times.

Do I need to be a member of the Y to join the program?

You do not need to be a member of the Y. You will have membership in the Y, where you are taking the program, for the full 12 weeks of the program and you can come in and use all their facilities outside of the LSLW program hours.

How much does the program cost?

We are able to offer the program at no cost to you because we have funding from a physician, community organizations, Stanford University, and the Y, but donations are always encouraged, needed and welcome, and are tax deductible.

May I go through the program more than once?

You may only attend the program one time unless you have a cancer recurrence or are unable to complete the program due to medical issues.

I have a few questions, whom do I contact?

If you have mobility limitations, that require the use of a walker or a wheelchair for example, please contact us to discuss.
Please feel comfortable in contacting us if you think of anything you’d like to ask or discuss.

We’re looking forward to having you in the program.

Joyce Hanna, MA, MS
Director, Living Strong Living Well
JoyceHanna@stanford.edu 650-725-5014

Julie Anderson, MPH
Associate Director, Living Strong Living Well
Julie.Anderson@stanford.edu 650-725-4416