A Strength & Fitness

Program For Cancer Patients And Survivors.

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Living Strong Living Well (LSLW) is a twelve-week small-group strength and fitness training program designed for adult cancer survivors who have recently become de-conditioned or chronically fatigued from their treatment and/or disease. Our goal is to help patients build muscle mass and muscle strength, increase flexibility and endurance; and improve functional ability and quality of life. This program is available at no cost to participants and is not a source of revenue to Stanford or the YMCA.



After a second major surgery in four months I was so weak I could hardly get out of bed. I found the brochure for Living Strong Living Well program in my radiologist's office and wanted to come. Exercise had been an important part of my life. When I called the program to see if I could come when I felt strong enough, they urged me to come right away.... The encouragement of the LSLW staff, the commitment to come twice a week, and the company of other class members made a big difference in my morale and my progress toward health.

- Joan Johnston

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Who Should Participate

  • Individuals, 18 and over, who have recently finished their cancer treatment. It is also possible to be in the program while going through treatment. The enrollment decision will be made on an individual basis.
  • Individuals who have lost muscle mass or balance, are feeling fatigued or unmotivated, and want to exercise in a supportive environment with other cancer patients/survivors with skilled certified fitness trainers.
  • Individuals must have a strong personal desire to participate.
  • Individuals need be able to commit to attending the whole 12-week session, except, of course, for emergencies.

Upcoming Programs

  • Southwest YMCA

    13500 Quito Rd., Saratoga
    6/4– 8/27/14, W & F
    2:30-3:45 PM
  • Central YMCA

    1717 The Alameda,
    San Jose
    4/24 – 7/15/14, T & Th
    1:00-2:15 PM
  • Page Mill YMCA

    755 Page Mill Rd.,
    Palo Alto
    4/30 – 7/21/14, M & W 3:00-4:15pm
    5/8 – 7/29/14, M & W
    5:30-6:45 PM
  • El Camino YMCA

    2400 Grant Rd., Mountain View
    4/29 – 7/17/14, T & Th
    10:00-11:15 AM
    5/14 – 8/6/14, M & W
    1:15-2:30 PM
  • Peninsula Family YMCA

    1877 South Grant St., San Mateo
    5/1 – 7/22/14, T & Th
    11:30-12:45 PM
  • Sequoia YMCA

    1445 Hudson Street, Redwood City
    5/5 – 7/28/14, M & W
    2:00-3:15 PM